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Preparation Check List.
How to prepare the property for the best results.

Preparation of the Property

Extremely important – Please be completely ready to shoot 15 minutes PRIOR to your appointment time.  The photographer is almost always early.


  • Move all vehicles from the driveway and in front of the house.

  • Make sure the property is clean and clear of all papers and trash.

  • Lighting – Good rule of thumb for best results is Daylight bulbs in all overhead fixtures and tungsten or soft white in Lamps.

  • Remove any papers and magnets from the refrigerator and everything from the countertops.

  • Make sure bathrooms and showers are clean and clear of all toiletries and toilet seats are down.

  • Remove all shampoo items from bath areas and ALL items from counters.

  • Turn on all lights and lamps 15 minutes prior to appointment and replace any that may be burned out.

  • Turn off all TVs AND computer monitors.

  • If the homeowner does not want any photos of their children or their names shown, make sure they are removed.

  • Remove any seasonal items to prevent dating the photos.

  • Clean all windows inside and out.

  • Blinds in all main living areas that have a view should be wide open for a full view.

  • Blinds in secondary bedrooms and baths should be completely closed pointing up (unless there is a view.)

  • Make sure all furniture is clean and clear of clutter.

  • Turn off all ceiling fans.

  • Remove all trash cans completely.

  • No visible items from under bed or furniture.

  • Remove any medical or exercise equipment.

  • Open doors of all rooms to be photographed, excluding closets. 

  • Closets are not typically photographed. Some master closets are photographed if they are extra large with build-outs and mostly empty.

  • Remove all pet bedding and bowls.

  • Make sure the yard and all landscaping is manicured and neat.

  • Trim trees if possible and blow away all leaves.

  • Remove any vehicles from view prior to the appointment time.

  • No trash cans or water hoses visible in the yard.

  • If there is a pool, make sure it is clean and all water features are on.

  • Arrange all outdoor furniture, remove grill covers and, if desired, open all outdoor umbrellas.

  • Remove any pool cleaner and all pool equipment (prior to arrival so there are no wet spots on the sidewalk).

  • Do not wash down concrete areas just prior to the photo shoot. Allow time for areas to dry.

  • If there is lawn equipment, make sure it is clean and staged properly.

  • Remove all hoses etc.


Please make sure all of the above is complete in advance of the appointment to eliminate additional charges for having to return and reshoot the property.

If you can’t be there during the photoshoot, please prepare the home before you leave.  Photographer will turn off all lights when finished.

If no one is available to prepare the property (vacant or rental property and owner or agent is from out of the area) a preparation fee of $50 may be added. Please confirm when booking. No fees will be added for turning on lights and opening doors and blinds.

Remember, if it is visible it will be photographed.  Most clients and realtors have such a varied taste of what makes a home attractive and what should or should not be in the photo, so the photographer assumes that if it is in view, you want it photographed.

Please allow a 30-minute window on each side of the appointment time.  The photographer is almost always early.

If you determine that the property is not going to be ready by the appointment time, please notify me more than 24 hours in advance to prevent additional rescheduling fees.

Our job is to get more potential buyers into your house.  However, it cannot be done without your help!

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

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